i am a runner

2015 Sunshine State Games
Yesterday…visitor bleachers also deserted. It was H.O.T.


The Senior athletes that came to compete have one thing in common.

The desire for health.

After that, the reason we were there is as different as snowflakes.

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145 Years

Senior runners Julian Myers and jeff noel combined add up to 145 years (93 + 52)

Midlife Celebration’s New Year’s resolutions are:

      • Live, before I die
      • Think, smile and be grateful more often
      • reThink, rePrioritize, reCommit
      • Dream big, get there, stay there
      • Surrender, self-control, service
      • Daily reflections on excellence
      • Do something great

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Only One On The Internet?


Being the Internet’s only Five-a-Day Blogger, there is a certain feeling of, well, it’s hard to describe.

It’s like finding yourself in a place you never dreamed of, but if you did dream of it, you’d think it would be:

  1. Impossible to achieve
  2. Impossible to maintain
  3. Crazy (but a good crazy)

Well, after writing 1,500 posts in the spontaneous, same-day format, I can’t stop myself.

In fact, some days I do need to stop myself.


Because I want to write more than one post per blog.  “That would be too much for the Internet community to read”, I think to myself.

And then it occurs to me, “What if it’s not?”

That’s today’s message.  As you are nearly two weeks into your new year, “How are you doing with your impossible goal?”