Do any of these four drive you?

Greed? For what?


Does money drive you?

Does prestige drive you?

How about power?

Or, maybe, love?

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One Question A Day?

Overcoming reluctance?

Florida vanity license plate


Work van in parking lot
A sage once said to someone full of doubt, “Simba, remember who you are”.


How does a person or business overcome their reluctance to self promote?

How does one justify the time and expense to say, “Hey everyone, look at me?”

Perhaps the answer is to become a remarkable category of one.

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Are You?

Four small but mighty questions for our mirror

jeff noel in Delta first class cabin
Be really tough on the person in the mirror, because they are so coachable, which is awesome


How coachable do you consider yourself to be?

Are you satisfied with where you are in life right now?

Are there things you could be doing to make yourself a better example?

Are there things you could stop doing to avoid becoming a warning?

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Completely Different?

It’s a good frightened

Christian fish outline from mowing design in grassy field
Give a woman a fish or teach her to fish – joy either way


What is a good frightened? Some people are so self-aware that it is frightening, because it actually scares others unintentionally. Not many of us would admit that an authentically self-aware person intimidates us.

If you carry uncommon self-awareness with you, walk softly.

And smile.

Always smiling.

Enjoy your blessings today. All day.

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The great Summer of 2012

An easy way to tell if you’re continuously improving

staying razor sharp?

Here’s the litmus test for self improvement: can you say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are making conscious efforts to improve? Further, can you prove it – you know, measure it?

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