What’s one prolific blogger’s secret for staying organized?

    What’s one prolific blogger’s secret for staying organized? It’s very simple and easily discounted (because it’s so simple). Take photos of your life as it happens in real time. Download them and organize them in easily accessible ways. Next Blog Note: Explained to front desk clerk I would be gone before breakfast each […]

Google Mid Life Celebration?

Photo of a Boston Pizza menu in Halifax, Nova Scotia… As a prolific blogger – The Blog Whisperer – and Orlando based Inspirational Speaker, founder and CEO at Mid Life Celebration, LLC, it’s no secret what it takes to move forward. Give your best away for free Be consistent Court, then lead, a Tribe Make […]

Being Organized Is Hard

There’s a secret to life not many people recognize, and even fewer talk about. Know what it is? Being organized. And the “yeast” that makes being organized work, is simplification. Complicated processes are a slow poison to our souls. It’s odorless, colorless, tasteless, silent and completely invisible. Wake up calls, a mentor, a higher purpose, […]