Do the risky and opposite if you want to be amazing

college search process
How? It’s safe to follow the tried and true advice. Now ask yourself, “How did my college dining hall experience amaze me?”


i’m proposing High Schoolers begin their right-fit college search using “Best College Cafeterias in the Country“.

Organize your time and energy around quality of life, starting with food.

If a University can nail their dining hall experience, when so many others can’t, think of the odds of them getting many other things right also.

Here’s the thing, what happens when you share this strategy with anyone involved in the college admissions process?

Be bold.



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Midlife Celebration Is Feeling Edgy Today Because There’s An Aging Elephant In The Room

Midlife Celebration said elephant, not snow man.

Mid Life Celebration is feeling quite edgy today. Why? Well, there’s an aging Baby Boomer elephant in the room. You know, the thing everyone knows is so obvious (an elephant in the room), but everyone ignores, walks around, pretends doesn’t exist.

It’s this whole “personal responsibility” movement jeff noel has been writing about. Boomers, when will we stop seeking the answers outside ourselves? All we need – the answers, happiness – it all resides inside. We must simply start looking. On the inside.

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What Do You Know?


Ever wonder why some people or businesses behave or sound a certain way on the Internet?

There is a simple explanation for this. But most people are clueless.  And that’s okay.  You can’t know everything.

So, you want to know a secret?  The reason they do this?

SEO.  Search Engine Optimization.

It’s such an over-hyped catch-phrase that it almost doesn’t mean anything in today’s world.

The catch-phrase doesn’t, but the outcome does. It’s a strategic, competitive advantage.

The redundant use of important keywords.  In the title, body and tags is what baits search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, to move what you post higher on their search pages.

Here’s another little secret.  If you ain’t on the first page, you’re disadvantaged.

You know who ends up on the first page on Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

The people who work the hardest.