SCALE: Improve Like You Mean It


SCALE: Improve Like You Mean It. The four blueprints Disney Leaders use for problem solving and growth.



OVERFOCUS: Be Intentional Like You Mean It. The 19 blueprints Disney Leaders use to remain a category of one.


VIBRANCY: Live Like You Mean It. How to apply Disney’s 19 business blueprints to your personal life.



CEO of You, Inc. – If Disney Ran Your Life.


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It’s like the 2007 unveiling of the iPhone

Not expecting nor encouraging anyone to watch Steve Jobs unveil the iPhone in 2007, but it’s here if you want to.



The effort to get a business set for scalability is exciting, and a ton of uncommon work.

If it’s done properly (intentionally and brilliantly) it’s like the 2007 unveiling of the iPhone.

Game changing.

That’s what i’ve been working on consistently since retiring from Disney eight months ago.

Slowly. Deliberately. Intentionally. Creatively.

To unveil a product and approach no one else in the world offers.

A category of one.


Bold is as bold does.

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