Dear running

Disney World at night
We knew last night returning to our car that this morning’s 4:30am alarm was only 8.5 hours away.


Dear running,

Thank you for revealing the secret to being organized enough to integrate a new, lifelong habit of carving out time for my daily routine to run (and go to the gym). At 17 consecutive years and counting, this habit is deeply-engrained, yet always vulnerable to insidious temptation from life’s competing and relentless temptations.

To transform me from never being a morning person to having mornings be my favorite time of the day is better than hitting the $10,000,000 lottery.

For real.


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Inspiration Only Lasts A Short While. A Few Hours At Best.

Helping save a life is very inspirational

This link will take you where jeff noel suggests you go right now. It’s the “We Are Marshall” pre-game speech. Haven’t seen the movie, but want to, based on this clip.

What Baby Boomers at midlife can take from this has the potential to inspire us for another day. That’s all inspiration lasts – a few hours maybe. A whole day if we’re lucky.

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To Never Tire Of The Basics Means Spending Time Every Day On The Things That Make A Difference

The basics...child's play really

Some are nurses. Some accountants, or cooks, teachers, laborers. Truck drivers, artists, farmers, scientists. Some are street sweepers. And all endeavor to do their jobs even as Michelangelo painted.

Some are bloggers. Everyday. Inspired. The basics. Life’s Big Choices.

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Never Get Bored With The Basics. Ever.

The most important thing to remember about walking is to simply do it, a lot

I, jeff noel, do not write for the casual observer. And I don’t write for the wishful thinker. I, jeff noel, do solemnly swear, that I write for the few, the outliers, the ones who believe in the power of their dreams – for those among us who never tire of the basics. Ever.

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