Our morning routine controls our destiny

Antique car whitewall tire
Yesterday at traffic light. Mint condition?


Our morning routine controls our destiny.

It takes a great deal of effort to stay decently organized.

It takes a great deal of effort to manage a disorganized life.

Either way, the time passes and we have to work hard.

The choice is obvious.

And rare.

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Carving Out A Life

Another in a constant repetition of insignificant days

Apple Store Mall at Millenia
Apple Watch window display.


Apple Store Mall at Millenia
Apple Watch window display.


West Orange High School Bus line up
Dozens of busses.


Just another insignificant day:

  1. Visit Apple store to try on the Apple Watch…the one ordered a week ago.
  2. Visit Tax Preparer to pay for completed 2014 tax return and pick up personal files.
  3. Visit West Orange High School Ninth Grade Center to verify 2015-16 school enrollment process.

The only one that was planned was number two.

The most significant was number three. Had felt a terrible sense of disorganization thinking i had majorly dropped the ball. Turns out, there are two more months before High School registration begins.

Our Tax Preparer saved us $14k.

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A literal non-negotiable

Orlando Disney Leadership Speakers


(photo: The American Way?)

Is being decently organized a pipe dream?

Is it impossible?

Here’s what it feels like to overcome this thinking:

There is something about preparing for the day, which in theory could be our last, long before dawn and watching the darkness change to light.

A bit like daily eating and bathing. A literal non-negotiable.

And as they say, ‘Every damn day.’

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Are You?

Four S’s and a P

Random iPhone screen shot
Father’s Day 2014… set out on bike for Church


What does a Father do with a house all to himself for six days on either side of the ‘holiday’?






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Lists Tips Hints Tactics

Now imagine if we didn’t conduct routine organization

Boat called Amazon in Miami Boat residential boat dock
Like the mighty Amazon river, life’s challenges constantly flow


You know how we sometimes get on a roll and we sort, clean, organize, and then purge or donate our stuff?

And then shortly afterwards, it feels like it never happened?

Now imagine if we didn’t routinely organize our stuff.

So much of the ‘why’ is hidden in the constant onslaught of life.

The battle is often not to get ahead, but simply not to get buried.

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