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Disney retirement update

Florida homeowner swimming pool
Sometimes i work while floating on a raft.


Two days away from the end of my first year of Disney retirement.

Just yesterday i told a former Disney Institute colleague (he asked how i was enjoying retirement), “i’m working harder than ever, just not as much”.

Today is not a good day to put your dreams on hold.

Or is it?




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Cool weather and silly rewards

High School spirit week
Freshman jump to an early lead during Spirit Week.


Cool weather and silly awards. On the short drive home from the High School safety assembly, i stopped at Publix for a few groceries.

It was a surprising wonderful few moments.

Parking in the shade, the car windows already down, there was a great song on the radio. i sat in the car until it was over, and couldn’t remember the last time i did that without feeling the stress of being late.

The Fall air was cooled even further by the breeze and walking in in just a t-shirt felt wonderful.

Without a list, i grabbed a cart and began in the produce section and casually worked my way around.

Made (unrushed) small talk with employees at two stations. And had a nice talk with the young man who pushed the groceries to the car and loaded them in.

To top it off, as i turned onto our street, the family who will soon be breaking ground next to us sat on a blanket under an Oak tree – later they shared they were having a prayer service for all the animals (including the ants) that will be displaced by their future home.




This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude website, click here.

Jokers Are Wild

The weather was a perfect metaphor

Orlando's Best Keynote Speaker jeff noel


(photo: The one on the right inspired the notion of ‘early retirement’)

The weather was a perfect metaphor. It was stormy. Cloudy. Torrential rain. The opposite of the perfect party weather. Unusual for Central Florida.

Such is life.

Make the best of whatever comes our way.

And along the way, be incredibly organized so no matter what happens, you can deal with it in joy and gratitude.

We didn’t get to spend a fraction of the time we could have out on Disney’s Contemporary Resort observation decks, which provide the best views in the entire 40+ square mile complex.

But we were still in the Napa Room. 🙂

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One Man’s Dream, or is it two men dream?

jeff noel following in Walt Disney's shadow


(photo: Yesterday, November 1, 2014… 1st day of retirement… one man’s dream… subtle red image on the bottom left corner of photo…)

Funny how plans can change on a dime and become unexpectedly extraordinary.

We only began yesterday with one objective. Let’s go to Epcot for lunch at our favorite place, Japan.

It would also be a good test to see if the lifetime Disney pass kicks in right away.

The lifetime Disney pass worked fine, but the Guest pass did not.

Why? A glitch in the system?

No. During Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival, Saturday’s are blocked out for Cast Member Guest passes.

So it was off to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park for lunch.

Afterwards it was home for a two-hour nap.

And when we got hungry for dinner, guess what happened?

The idea of doing all four parks seemed easily doable.

And it was.

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Carving Out A Life

Five days until the big change

Orlando Based Motivational speakers


(photo: Eye protection takes on a whole new meaning)

An obvious joy is harvest time.

Retirement will bring a whole new meaning to life as we know it.

Five days until the big change.

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