Completely Different?

Perhaps it’s a sign on the final day walking out

Orlando Based Disney Speakers


(photo: Disney’s jungle jeff retires after 30 years and that’s him walking out of Celebration 215… he always took the stairs to the fourth floor.)

Plans have changed?

Brought the hat in ‘to hang it up after 30 years’.

Boss was out of the office unexpectedly.

So the plan changed.

Never intended to leave wearing it.

Perhaps it’s a (fantastic) sign.

Yes, final answer.

Sure feels good.

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The freedom to unleash

Orlando based leadership speaker


(photo: Today, October 31, 2014, will be exchanging this Disney ID for a brand new Disney retiree ID)

What if?

The freedom to unleash our potential is astonishing under used.

In fact, it’s as if terrorists have ensured we never consider our unlimited potential again.

Well guess what?

There’s a new sheriff in town.


With the strength of 10,000 Angels.

You are the CEO of You, Inc.


Be amazing.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

A mountain of paperwork after 30 years?

Orlando Based Keynote Speakers


(photo: Living the dream)

We have boxes and boxes of stuff from a lifetime of work. When we retire, what are we supposed to do with it all?

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Carving Out A Life

Four days until the big change

Big globe in Disney World Hotel Lobby


(photo: Lobby of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort)

Four days until the big change.

The world needs a decent number (3% would be the catalyst) of Baby Boomers to step up and lead some really nice, positive change.

From helping mend an important relationship before it’s too late to assisting with rising money to find a cure for something without a cure yet.

To something in between.

To challenge the herd to be part of the movement.

Mid Life Celebration.

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Are you a Disney Fanatic?

Orlando Based Keynote Speakers


(photo: He dreams of helping Orlando become the friendliest city in the world)

In just six days, he hangs up one hat and begins wearing a new one.

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