Second Spring

JD Salinger

Shut Up And Do It, Please
Shut Up And Do It, Please

“Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?” J.D. Salinger

You know:

  • Write the book
  • Get in shape
  • Stop smoking
  • Get married
  • Start a family
  • Save for retirement
  • Start your own business

“Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?”

October 2009

More Ovaltine Please?

“More Ovaltine please”?  A classic commercial tag line from American television and radio.

More Ovaline?  No.

More pictures and You Tube videos please.  I hear ya.  I’m with ya.  Busy.  Man, am I busy!

All good things take time.  Which is why I give myself some credit for coming so far in only six months.

Six months?  Well, writing consistently for six months.

The actual vision for doing this started about 30 years ago in college.  That’s a tale for another time (maybe).

October 2009

jeff noel Google Front Page

jeff noel @ Top Of Google Search.  Well, yesterday anyway.  Who knows what today will bring.  Usually, jeff is in Google’s top four on Google’s front page.

Not bad for someone doing this as recently as I have.  What’s the secret?

Making common sense, common practice.   You’ll hear this over and over again.  Why?  Because, very simply, it’s what I believe.  Period.

Common sense earned it’s nickname long ago.  Why?  Because, well, because, if I have to explain it, it’s not going to make any (common) sense.