Commitment, Disney-style

  Commitment, Disney-style…commitment, Be an active and visible leader, otherwise, if you’re not visible, people get suspicious when you come around. Be the world’s greatest advocate for continuous improvement. The road to excellence has no finish line. Recognition is the free fuel that strengthens commitment, appreciation, and encouragement all flock together. Sharpen the saw and […]

Mid Life Celebration LLC Hits 100k Milestone In June From Humble Beginnings 27 Months Ago (Results)

The ripple effect has begun in earnest… When Mid Life Celebration, LLC was incorporated January 1, 2009, almost immediately, nothing happened. But on April Fool’s Day an ambitious goal was set: to write in all 5 blogs everyday for 100 straight days. Two-plus years later, Mid Life Celebration has surpassed 100k monthly visits. THANK YOU for […]