An early bloomer in personal responsibility?

  The only student in his class with the guts to have one college choice. No backup. Not considering failure an option. Only one choice. Succeed. He’s exercising heart, intuition, and guts. Less than two decades of experience (and a whole lot of development). .think .differently   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our […]

Disney Keynote Speakers offer a world-class look at business principles

  Not only did they get a morning 60-minute Keynote Speech from one of America’s many qualified Disney Keynote Speakers, but they also received a 20-minute afternoon closing session, and, a 30-minute pre-dinner Disney Leadership overview with Q&A from Disney Institute’s highest-rated and most requested Keynote Speaker.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our […]

Simplicity and sophistication aren’t always together

    Using Apple’s Pages application in iCloud Drive, whatever i do on one device automatically changes on all my devices. This is extraordinary, even though we have come to expect this from Apple. It appears simple and elegant to the user, but Apple’s backend effort has to be extraordinary.   __________   This website is about […]

Being well and remaining amazed is easiest when…

  Being well and remaining amazed is easiest when… We are more organized than not organized. Life in general, and writing a book in particular, is directly proportional to our systems and processes for day to day life, and the unrelenting obstacles it so freely, and non discriminatingly shares. Excuses be banned damned. Next Blog