Completely Different?

Would i do it again?

Glacier Howe Ridge fire
As of August 18…Howe Ridge fire is spreading with the high winds from a Canadian cold front. Apgar is on evacuation warning.


Would i do it again?

(Fly cross-country to attend a surprise birthday party)

What do you think?

You are right.


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I Am

I Am Friendly

Friends from birth?

I am friendly, kind and pleasant. To have a friend, be a friend. I try not to let the pressures of the world get in the way of my sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine – be careful not to use it to mask other better, necessary solutions.

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Make It Simple

Mother’s Day

Special Delivery?
Special Delivery?

Mother’s Day is coming.

Our son is all set.

Me, not so much.


Nine Months Later

The Art of Compromise

It's Who You Know
It's Who You Know

Heard this phrase the other night, probably on the TV as I was walking though a room, and I wrote it down.

“The art of compromise.”

We can take guesses as to what this means, or we can simply make up our own meaning. That’s what I did, and came up with five different ways:

  1. Compromising our mind, intellect
  2. Compromising our body, health
  3. Compromising our spirit, faith
  4. Compromising our money, career
  5. Compromising just about everything, CEO of Me, Inc.

The comment’s intent targeted the Senators power to say “no” to President Obama – relationships and the passing of President Obama’s Health Care Bill.

Some Senators held their vote until they got a really good deal for their state. This had people debating it’s fairness, and the Senator’s enormous power to say, “No.”

At the end of the day, it’s really about relationships and who you know.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s about who you no.