Multiple opportunities for rebirth?

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Anyone can find and share anything – Google insures this. Anyone thinking there are exceptions is mislead.


Yesterday (June 17) Cheryl closed on the sale of the house her Mother has lived n for 91 years. Quite an extraordinary accomplishment – the 91 years part, not the closing.

But the closing signifies a letting go and moving forward.

An opportunity for rebirth.

Tomorrow (September 27) marks the official 30th (unofficial was January 25) anniversary as a full-time employee at Orlando’s biggest entertainment company and one of the most admired (#7 on the 2014 list) companies in the entire world.

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A Never Ending Process Of Growth, Death, Rebirth

Who's to say what's possible and what's not.

As April Fool’s Day approaches, I reflect on those very first blogs and how hard it was at the beginning to find my way. I believe God blesses the ignorant (that’d be me) believer. Two unique phrases and my name being synonomous is a mystery and a blessing I could have never dreamt up:

  • The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger
  • The Blog Whisperer

There was also no comprehension that I’d still be starting every morning on my knees. April 1, 2009 was a very special beginning indeed.

Insight: Pass

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