Mid Life Celebration

jeff noel Thinks It’s Funny, Really, How People Walk Right Past Everything They Need To Be Happy

jeff noel's photos are a form of "real life, in real time" art (notice the the feet walking by?)

The truth is so scary for aging midlife Baby Boomers. The truth? All we need to be happy are life’s basic essentials. A sound mind, body, spirit, career, home.

How many books do we need to read? How many seminars, sermons, lessons? What we really need are daily “real life, in real time” examples to inspire us that the key is to seize this day.

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One-Take Videos

Surrounded By Asses

You may know me as the Internet’s only Five-a-Day Blogger, or The Blog Whisperer, or as Chapin’s Dad.

Or maybe you know me as the guy that always runs near Reams Road and Chase Road.

But do you know me as “Comedian”?

I play one in real life, like here in this short (32-sec) You Tube video.

Laughter can actually improve our attitude.