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Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture was a story about living, not dying

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Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture in 2007 was a story about living, not dying.

On July 25, 2010 I was reflecting on the second anniversary of Randy Pausch’s unfortunate death.

And wrote this short tribute post.

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Are You?

People Cringe

He Had To Be Organized To Leave His Legacy
He Had To Be Organized To Leave His Legacy

People who aren’t organized cringe (mostly) when organized people talk about how important it is to be organized.

I cringe when people are dying and they aren’t ready.

Is it possible to be organized so that dying isn’t a burden of undone things, but a joyous celebration for a life (mostly) well spent?

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Randy Pausch RIP July 25, 2008

We Are Praying For Your Family, Randy
We Are Praying For Your Family, Randy


Praying for Randy Pausch’s Family. Randy RIP 07.25.08

Here’s my humble attempt for a tribute to Randy and his family, filmed yesterday afternoon with our son (9).

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Second Spring

When Is Your Funeral?

Knock Knock
Knock Knock

When is your funeral?  No idea, right?

Exactly.  None of us know.

And because, for most people, death is paralyzingly scary, we ignore it. As if it will go away if we don’t think about it.

I think about death everyday. This helps me appreciate the gift of life today and the opportunity to do the best I can.

Every day is a failure.  Every day is a triumph. Every day is a gift.

Will you unwrap yours and enjoy it today?

Olympics Bound

Biggest Human Fear Is…

The world’s biggest fear is…… drum roll please………..

Wait.   Before we reveal it, you all know the fear of death is number two, right?

And you know I’ve been a Professional Speaker for ten years, right?

Well, here’s a surprise.   All studies say Public Speaking is our biggest fear.

I completely disagree with the scientific data.

The biggest fear we have?

It’s not the fear of dying, it’s actually the fear of living.

Think about it for awhile.  If you deny this, then go out and do it.

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