Racism is a tool

Winston Churchill quote
When anyone tells a lie about someone in order to make money, a crime has been committed. Slavery was invented long before Christopher Columbus sailed to America. Slavery may be the second oldest economic invention, after prostitution.

Last thing i wanted to do (or had time to do) this morning was watch an 18-minute TED Talk.

Something told me to at least listen to the first two minutes. Watched it all. Profoundly insightful. From here to this post’s end are soundbite quotes…

  1. race is not biological, it’s a story some people decided to tell.
  2. people told that story to justify the brutal exploitation of other human beings for profit.

Said another way, racism was invented as a tool to divide us and to prop up economic, political, and social systems that advantage some people and disadvantage others.

Of course, you, like me, don’t have 18 minutes to watch this. Ok then, just watch the first two minutes of this video…

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