The great Summer of 2012

But you do hear the echoes of my asking right?

walt disney
been watching Walt Disney movies since before Walt died

The best facilitator I ever knew could walk up to a small group of people (many times I was in one of these groups), start a conversation about something trivial, ask a few questions to keep the dialogue going, and then leave.

It wasn’t until after he left the company we worked for that his brilliance surfaced. You see, every time he left, I realized he had just taught something. He was teaching me how to be a facilitator. Guy was the boss. I was a big time rookie.

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Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration Public Service Announcement

Almost ran right past this on a jog at Baylor University. Btw, this is true, even if you don't love God.

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel feels compelled to make periodic public service announcements. It’s time to remind everyone – the goal in all five blogs is to help you do three things:

  1. Think
  2. Smile
  3. Be Grateful

Nearly everything I write is focused on the first one. It is up to you to interpret the personal experiences, the questions, the metaphors, the analogies. It’s up to you. Period.

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Make It Simple


Whatever You Are, Be A Good One
Whatever You Are, Be A Good One


Answers You Should Know.

Why is there air?

Where do babies come from?

How does one stay organized for a lifetime?

What is the meaning of life?

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Nine Months Later

My Wife

Honeymoon Puget Sound
Honeymoon Puget Sound

The most amazing gift ever, besides the gift of life?

What was your answer?

Did it take some time to sort to it?

Did it come to you immediately?

Are you confused why the question was even asked in the first place?

Honeymoon San Juan Islands
Honeymoon San Juan Islands
Nine Months Later

If You Could Not Fail

Stop Being So Measured
Stop Being So Measured

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

We’ve all heard this question posed to us in our lifetimes.

Some of us have heard it so many times, we no longer hear it, no longer even consider it a valid question.

You now why?

Because nothing in life is guaranteed, except that we will die and taxes will increase.

Giving in, and quitting are so common place.  Or, people won’t even start in the first place.


Because we can fail at everything.

But what if we didn’t fail?

How would our lives be transformed?  And more importantly, how would the lives of others be transformed?