Rocky Mountain High

That image of those three bicyclists at 8,000 feet, with the Colorado Rocky Mountains above and below them,  was permanently etched on my brain. I had just turned 13.  And yet, I was thinking and dreaming as if I were an adult. Their summit, the Continental Divide, was still potentially a few hours away for them, […]

jeff noel Burning The Candle?

jeff noel Burning The Candle? A friend recently asked, “So how has writing five daily blogs affected you. What have you given up”? I’ve given up: Watching TV Walking our Dog Yard word, particularly our perennial gardens Reading the (online) Orlando Sentinel, CNN, etc Spending time with Family Cut back on exercise (believe it or not) […]

What Would You Do?

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do differently?  Know what I’ve learned in 50 years? All these quotes, cliches, sayings, parables, etc. – they only work if you do. “No rules for success will work if you don’t”. “Everything takes longer than we think it will, or longer than we want […]