Regret Is Awesome

Yesterday, as I was adding some tags to the blog post, I typed Regret. That word came to mind because it was the key driver in the decision to ride a bicycle across the country. Or not.

If I didn’t do it before I settled down and started a career somewhere, I knew I would probably never have the chance again.

Job, career, marriage, house, bills, family, kids, responsibilities, worries, challenges, health, cars, vacations, promotions, yada yada.

And so on October 5, 1982, with $75 in my pocket, I left Philadelphia for Washington State.

Regret is awesome.  Otherwise, I would never have left.

Unknown Fact of Little Interest?

Honeymoon 1984
Honeymoon 1984

Married in June 1983, we finally took our honeymoon in August 1984. We rode our bicycles from the Pacific Ocean to Grand Coulee Dam.

Two main portions of the trip:

  1. Touring the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound
  2. Traveling along the North Cascades Highway

It was the trip of a lifetime.  Not your typical honeymoon, eh?

We traveled 600 miles in 17 days, and spent less than $200.

Happy Saturday everyone.