Of course, i would like her to say…

  One week ago the email from Wiley inquired if i would be interested in talking about publishing with them. Wiley? Me? Yes. But i immediately tempered the opportunity, rather than getting excited. Why? In reality, it’s likely just an Editor fishing for opportunities. Similar to America’s Got Talent auditioning tons of hopefuls. Wiley, like […]

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough

  Some pieces falling into place for my next impossible goal: The habit of two hours of daily writing (seven days a week). Check. More than enough content for six different Disney Business books. Check. A transformational and portable storyboard process to make writing streamlined and focused. Check. An irrepressible desire to help people solve […]

This means nothing to literally all but a dozen people in the world

  This means nothing to literally all but a dozen people in the world: The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger. It started simply as a desperate attempt to develop a writing habit strong enough to start, finish, and publish a book he’d promised to write 30 years prior. It began without an ounce of fanfare April […]

Great By Choice Or Does Your Company (Or You) Stink?

Two compelling book titles in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport a few months ago. We can surmise that being great (left book) is done on purpose, and being bad (stinky, right book) is done by not being on purpose. This is the Midlife Movement and the Midlife Herd in a weird analogy. The truth (in these […]

Chicago Library Is Threatened

Earlier this morning, we talked about how Libraries and book stores are going to go away. Can’t predict when, but it will happen. Unless Libraries and bookstores reinvent the book paradigm. They will either become victims or victors to creative thinking and shifting consumer demands and trends. While today’s first (this is the second) jeffnoel.com […]