Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker. Know what that means? Duh, right?  Public speaker who gets paid…blah, blah, blah. It means there are people who’s job is to give speeches. Everyday. In front of people.  Sometimes a dozen, or several dozen. Sometimes a thousand, or several thousand. And some of them really try to be so good at what […]

jeff noel Aggressively Unfancy?

Is jeff noel aggressively unfancy?  Well, one thing for certain, I’m certainly not too funny when I blog.  But I sure do try to be aggressively unfancy. And the concept of being unfancy is one most of us have never heard of. We have, but not in those exact words. Aggressively unfancy means, to me, […]


We all look for shortcuts in our day to day living.  Shortcuts at home. Shortcuts at work.  Shortcuts while driving. Why? Because shortcuts save time.  And sometimes, money.  Who doesn’t want that? Even bloggers look for shortcuts.  Like writing a brief post about shortcuts, to save time.  🙂

Biggest Human Fear Is…

The world’s biggest fear is…… drum roll please……….. Wait.   Before we reveal it, you all know the fear of death is number two, right? And you know I’ve been a Professional Speaker for ten years, right? Well, here’s a surprise.   All studies say Public Speaking is our biggest fear. I completely disagree with […]

jeff noel on Hard Work

Orlando’s jeff noel speaks briefly on hard work in this jeff noel You Tube video. Hard work is the key, in my opinion. Making choices, staying focused and looking ahead are also key ingredients in the recipe for success. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂 PS.  Forgot to mention, having fun is real important too.   Did […]