Here are links to possible Dr. Oz shows that you could be on

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Spent a career hosting celebrities at Disney… time for reciprocation? 🙂


High School classmate Marianne Harbold Roth sent these links on Valentine’s Day weekend. How incredibly thoughtful. Here’s an excerpt from here email:

Here are links to possible Dr. Oz shows that you could be on 😉

doctor oz:



For you and your upcoming book club:
doctor oz: nynj-calling-all-groups

How to get on Oprah:

Trying to find where your supportive friends can make a pitch for you to be on the show. If I find it I’ll be informing others.

Thinking ahead for you!! 😉 Hope you don’t mind. Maybe you already did this 🙂


Such a nice thing for Marianne to do.

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PS. Checking yesterday, some of links now lead to a dead end…. the ever changing nature of the web.

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