The only explanation is it must be love

sensationalized tabloid headline
Sensational headlines are great. i don’t have the desire to sensationalize blog headlines. 


Some people start playing music because they love playing music – how it makes them feel when they do it.

And sometimes that love is traded in for something more.

Love is traded in for financial sustenance.

Making music for money.

Then things change.

You can no longer play what you love, you must play what the audience loves.

In the luckiest of cases, these match.

Usually they don’t.

Before i wrote this post, i was reflecting on how challenging it would be for anyone to read five daily, differently-themed posts, every single day for a decade.

And then i thought how challenging it must be to write five daily, differently-themed posts, every single day, for a decade.

The only explanation is it must be love.

Note: i love to write. Period.


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Orlando Based Former Disney Customer Service Speakers


(photo: jeff noel started Mid Life Celebration, LLC to generate profit to donate to the good people searching for a cure.)

What’s it gonna be in 2015? More of 2014?

Executives and Meeting Planners looking for a breakthrough keynote speaker in 2015?

A focused, disciplined way that has worked for decades at Disney?

The perfect keynote serves as a catalyst and an astonishing catalyst compels people to be brave enough to burn their ships. • 407-538-4341 •

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His reach will also enlarge

Orlando Sanford Airport


Orlando Sanford Airport


(photos above: Up at 3:30 am to drive Cheryl to airport. A ticket she purchased yesterday, just before the medical drama began. She was ready to not go. But it worked out. Her Mom 1,200 miles away needs a pacemaker, quickly.)

While the CT scans came back normal, and potential life-threatening cardiac issues put to rest, his heart is actually enlarging.

His reach will also enlarge.

They say you can not be a prophet in your hometown.

Disney Prophet?

Disney profit?

Living-like-you-mean-it prophet?

Gonna try like hell.

A calling?


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Invest In An MBA?

We stop learning because, well, we stop trying to learn. Getting an MBA sounds like a good idea – on paper.  But for what? A promise that it will catapult your career? Seriously? Look around at people with MBA’s.

Always the (professional) antagonist, my MBA comes with only one promise. You pass or you fail, and no fancy piece of paper suitable for framing.

You get, or not, a profitable, entrepreneurial business. This is hard.

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