End Of The First Year

Book Publishing Checklist Link

Roger Parker, from Published and Profitable, has been a cyber-mentor for several years now.  He doesn’t even know this.

Not because I’m trying to hide the fact.  Simply because I’m busy. Roger’s busy.  Busy makes us do strange things.  Like forget to tell people how much we appreciate what they’ve done for us.

But that’s what makes the Internet so cool.  You can have a positive influence on others, whether you meet them or not.

Click here to see, read and or print his PDF file.  It’s a great place to start to give you an idea of what you should consider if you ever want to publish your first book.

Tomorrow though, be prepared for the shock of your life.

And while it really applies to anything that’s important to you, tomorrow’s post will be particularly revealing if you have very important things you want to do in your life, but have been putting off.  Carpe diem.

End Of The First Year

It All Comes Down to This

With so much to say, where does a person start?  Well, if you’re a runner, it’s easy, you start at the starting line.  But if you’re not a runner and you’re several decades into your life and your job or career, then what?

Then maybe start here, in Lane 8:

There, I said it. Hope this doesn’t scare anyone off. It is what it is.

Thanksgiving 2009

Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker.

Know what that means? Duh, right?  Public speaker who gets paid…blah, blah, blah.

It means there are people who’s job is to give speeches. Everyday.

In front of people.  Sometimes a dozen, or several dozen. Sometimes a thousand, or several thousand.

And some of them really try to be so good at what they do (same as a parent, nurse, chef, etc) that their speech may actually start to change the world.

You know how I know this?  I’m one of them.  Happy day.  Carpe diem.

Thanksgiving 2009


Finally.  I’ve gotten to the fifth of five blogs this morning.  Having some challenges revving up the writing engine.

This rarely happens.  I knew it would come.  Just didn’t know when.  It took longer than expected.  Good thing, I suppose.

Big questions though:

  • “How long will it last”?
  • “When will it return”?

No worries however.  Just gonna plow through it and try not to worry about it.  It’s a natural part of the “writer’s cycle” – sort of like the seasons on Earth.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Each season has a purpose.  Each one ends and another begins.  It’s natural. It’s okay. Carpe diem everyone.

Olympics Bound

Most Worried About?

What am I the most worried about, when it comes to writing five blog posts every single day?

Content.  Quantity. Yes, quantity over quality at this point.

Why?   I’m really in the infancy stage of developing these blogs.

The concept is easy for me to understand, but not so much for others.

Take running, reading, writing, or even cooking.  What is a simple, fundamental concept to be good at these?

Want to be a good runner  – run a lot.

Want to be a good reader – read a lot.

Same with writing.  Condition yourself first, before you start the “race”.

I compete in Master’s Track & Field at 400 meters.  That’s one lap. Done in less than one minute.

In training for this, I run 4-5 miles each day.  That’s 16 – 20 laps.  But the race is only one.

Do the quantity first, to lay the foundation for quality.

At least that’s what I do.  Carpe diem,  jeff noel 🙂