What if we do the wrong things right?

Duty free cigarettes
Yes, nice and organized. No, not something that enhances our wellbeing.


The thing about being decently organized is that we must also balance our priorities.


Because life is hard.

Organized storage and care of the wrong things would be only half the message.

Priorities are the other half.

This begs the question – if we had to choose between being prioritized or being organized, which would we pick?

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No, It’s Not!

Everything can’t be important. Period.  It can’t be.

What’s a person to do?  I mean, to sort through it all and come out with a prioritized list?

Here’s what I did:

  • Sorted to four big life choices
  • Prioritized top ten lists for the big four
  • Work desperately hard every day
  • Exercise focus & discipline
  • Remember my purpose in life

While it ain’t perfect, it is light years ahead of my old daily structure. Life is a journey.

“He who is not busy being born, is busy dying.” – Bob Dylan

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