Are we organized enough to design a meaningful culture?

EPCOT's World Showcase Promenade.
Walt Disney drew the first notion of “EPCOT” on a cocktail napkin. Is this relevant to employees?


Are we organized enough to find time:

  • To recognize something as significant
  • To add it in one of three big buckets: past, present, or future
  • To remember milestone dates
  • To evaluate the the value of a milestone
  • To decide which milestones to keep and which to discard
  • To¬†prioritize milestones and their impact on your culture

Yesterday, January 24, 2015 was the second anniversary of a tragic moment for a friend and co-worker. Why significant? In 55 years, it was the first time personally knowing a suicide victim. It was the place, method and motive that made the world stop turning that morning at 8:47am.

Similiar in shock effect to September 11, 2001.

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I Am A Prioritizer

Soldiers must prioritize in a huge way. Family, Country, Freedom...

I am a prioritizer. The most common trap for me, at work and at home, is this notion that everything is important.

Work life balance is achieved when you learn to manage what someone else sees as critical with what you see as critical.

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