Dear Son Be Very Careful With Your Pride

Serving others when you would rather relax is the cost of admission.
Adults relax a bit while the students learn to serve.
To serve. To strive. And not to yield.

Dear Son, I am not a prideful man. Guard your confidence with humility. Let humility rain supreme. You will almost always know when to showcase your pride, and do it ever so briefly. For example, when you become a Father, Grandfather, or achieve a significant milestone – recognize the significance, bask briefly, then return quickly to a humble servanthood.

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Dear Son, I Am Proud Of My Record, But More Proud That You Have A Trail To Follow

A Father's job is to show the way.

Dear Son, the main reason your Father has never crossed a line between his lifetime career and Mid Life Celebration, LLC is because of his focus and discipline to do the right things for the right reasons. Son, you reap what you sow. Sow integrity, trust, transparency. Always. Period.

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