Make It Simple

Take solace that this is normal

Time Square street snack vendor
There is comfort and beauty in organized systems and processes, even with candy in NYC


Sometimes we can be pretty decently caught up with the paperwork of life and in the span of 48 hours become overwhelmed with the sudden influx of things to address.

Take solace that this is normal.

Imagine the influx if we weren’t decently organized.

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Carving Out A Life

No rest for the weary

Times Square deserted at 6am
Times Square 6am Sunday morning – who knew?


No rest for the weary.

If the world is heavy and challenging for us, hang in there.

Do a little everyday to dig out.

We surrender when we stop digging.

And this also commits us to a downward spiral.

Dig a little bit everyday.

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Day To Day

Loving it or hating it won’t make it go away.

Aweber email campaign software setup
Aweber email campaign software setup. As the book goes to print, attention turns here.


Do we love the pressure life constantly places on us?

Tough question, eh? Love the pressure? Hmmm.

Loving it or hating it won’t make it go away.

So if pressure is here to stay, approach it the same way we approach anything else – control the controllables.

  • priorities
  • time
  • choices

There, feel better?

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Are You?

Don’t Let Your Dreams Go Here

It's So Hard To Hang On Sometimes
It's So Hard To Hang On Sometimes

Are you feeling the pressure of life, the economy, the elections, your health, your job, upkeep on your home and vehicles, time for hobbies, children, friendsfamily?

With all of that, plus more, where do you find time to pursue your childhood dream(s)?

Some days it feels like it would just be so much easier to let them wash down the drain, doesn’t it?

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