Organize to maximize your creative potential

Apple Home Pod
Apple limited customers to only be able to order two. So i placed a second order. A simple and creative solution.


Organize to maximize your creative potential.

Build your box and then learn to think inside the box.

And instead of thinking outside the box, learn to expand your box.

The difference is being intentional about organizing the process, systems, and structure that you control.


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Are you haunted by your personal organization potential?

Disney Resorts
aim for perfection, settle for excellence

Are you haunted by personal organization potential? You learned to walk, talk, read, write, drive a car, use manners…you can also learn how to be decently organized.

What many fail to accept is that it is largely trial and error. Expect to fail in your attempts. Expect your systems and processes to be inefficient. Expect your slow and steady efforts to continuously make you more organized. You must have an attitude of positive expectation…

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