Organization at home is key to getting results

screen shot of mile split for jeff noel
Organized enough to run a decent mile the day before leaving home for four days


Organization at home is key to getting results in all other diverse areas of our lives.

Thinking ahead doesn’t eliminate challenges, but it sure does reduce the number.

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End Of The First Year

Today’s Shocking News

Today’s shocking news.

“You ain’t gonna live forever!”

Shocking?  Not in the usual sense of the word.

Shocking because of how rampant and perverse is the notion that we don’t plan for our death.

I mean, if you randomly asked 100 people, “When’s your funeral?”, how many would have an answer?

Of course, most people have no idea when, which is exactly my point.


But we’re all going to die.  It’s one of life’s great truths. And yet most people I know have no notion of how long they may theoretically have left.

So, my question then is this, “If your death happened sooner than you thought it would, what would you regret not having done?”