One in 40, maybe

Spider web closeup
Everyone, even the blood-sucking spider, is simply trying to survive.


The strength in a balanced approach lies not in individual excellence, but in the synergy generated by interconnectedness, also known as balance, wellness, harmony.

She said, “One in 40, maybe.”

The nursing assistant asks every patient, “Are you on any medications?”

She sees 40 patients each day.

Generally, only one in 40 says, “No, i’m not taking any medications.”

Being decently organized creates space in an overwhelming schedule to make time for better health choices, like regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest.

The ones who “make time” aren’t lucky, they are, simply, focused and disciplined. They see their health as something to be defended, not something they “have to” try and fit into their over-scheduled life.




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