Biggest Human Fear Is…

The world’s biggest fear is…… drum roll please……….. Wait.   Before we reveal it, you all know the fear of death is number two, right? And you know I’ve been a Professional Speaker for ten years, right? Well, here’s a surprise.   All studies say Public Speaking is our biggest fear. I completely disagree with […]

Go to Lane – NOW! Seriously

Click here to go to  Don’t be a chicken $hit. Have I ever steered you wrong? If the Nike Courage You Tube video doesn’t inspire you, call 911. Carpe diem, jeff noel, out in Lane 8  🙂

Top 10 Reasons I Write 5 Blogs Each Day

Top 10 reasons why I love to write five blogs every day: Because I’m alive Because I love the challenge Because I thought it was impossible Because others think it’s impossible Because of what it teaches me about myself Because of what it teaches me about others Because of what it teaches others about themselves […]

jeff noel aka jungle jeff

Good Tuesday morning everyone.  jeff is sort of the clearing house for the other blogs I write. Ever discover something that you love to do, but it had hidden, dormant, all your life? It’s like that with writing.  I love to write.  And when I couple that with my love to challenge people to […]

A Good Google Thing to Do

Google Profile, Got One? I didn’t have one and my buddy, Chuck, reminded me that having one is a good Google thing to do. So I did it yesterday.  It turned out pretty decent – click here to see. Not sure why I waited so long to do it. Seems like Chuck and I were […]