Carving Out A Life

We are not judging people when this happens, instead we wonder

overgrown tree stump next to sidewalk
This should never come as a surprise


We are not judging people when this happens, instead we wonder.

When people, or ourselves, live in disarray, the only real, clear question is, “Why don’t we live a more organized life.”


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When Your Life Changes

If not you, who?

impossible? much depends on our answer.

If not you, who? Work life balance is on everyone’s “to do” list. Who’s your role model? Nearly four decades in the workforce and still without one.

So I decided to figure it out – experiment and practice – what made sense and what didn’t. Can’t believe it took so long to own up to my obligation to figure it out for myself. Same with you?

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Carving Out A Life

How’s Your Love (of) Life?

Let your life-song sing…

Dear Son, make today great. It’s up to you. No one else.

When you’re young, your parents and other Family adults help you have good times.

As you get older, there will be the transfer of responsibility. It doesn’t happen on your 16th or 18th or even on your 21st birthday. It happens one innocent day at a time…

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