Eight Posts Yesterday

Blah, blah, blah, right? The Internet’s only Five-a-Day Blogger”….. It started as a 100-day challenge to become a better writer, after a Father told his young son, “If you want to be a better reader, you should read a lot.” So what happens yesterday?  Not five daily blogs, but eight. Recently, had a discussion and […]

I Wonder What You Said

Hello everyone. Are you still excited about 2010?  Were you lying in your bed this morning wondering, “When is that alarm clock ever going to go off? Just bring it on!” Funny isn’t?  Or maybe it’s crazy. Can you imagine having something you can’t wait to get started on? And so, I just re-read the […]

No Wait This IS Funny

Trust me on this one, this one is actually some of my best work, if you can call One-Take-You Tube videos work. Makes me laugh, because I just turn on the camera and start talking. No idea what I’m going to say. No editing. Just a One-Take-You Tube video.