Where to find game-changing lessons

Disney Executive Coach
This happened yesterday.


Thank you card
Also yesterday.


Game-changing lessons are only learned in the crucible of perseverance.

Doubt is never far away.

Doubt needs to be replaced with confidence.

Confidence needs to be balanced with deep humility.


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The patience to persevere requires organization

Hidden Mickey in Disney Resort carpet
Kidani Village Vacation Club hallway two nights ago. Hidden Mickey lower right.


Friday night lights?

Nope. Got rained out.

Friday night hidden Mickey’s?

Yes (photo above).

Reuniting with people from your past can sometimes warm your soul with a sweet tasting, unexpected solace because all your hard work, determination, organization, hardships, doubts, fears, and hopes have paid off.

How do you come to this realization?

When the people who thought you were a fool, now seek your advice.

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Hold on, please, just hold on

Notes on Walt Disney World stationary
One small email, one small change, can have massive ripple effects


Hold on, please, just hold on. This is what we can whisper (or shout if necessary) to ourselves when our in-box overwhelms us.

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