The time will not be taken from the sum of your life

Glacier National Park inspiration
Thank you John Muir. Currently sitting on 41 days planned for Glacier this Summer.


“Shaun Murphy is so smart he can just Google his brain.”  – jeff noel

PS. The organization required to plan a five-trip, 41-day Summer in Glacier National Park has been planned by progressing slowly and surely – and it began with a clear, concise, and compelling vision.


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Would they apologize for being so off target?

Big Horn Sheep at Logan Pass parking lot


(Photo: prioritizing becomes more important when there’s limited time)

There’s a price to pay for being decently organized with our stuff and with our priorities…

Mostly, it’s wishing we could manage the perception others have of how good and easy your life is.

If they only knew…

Would they apologize for being so off target?

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