He's Just Lucky

The patience to persevere requires organization

Hidden Mickey in Disney Resort carpet
Kidani Village Vacation Club hallway two nights ago. Hidden Mickey lower right.


Friday night lights?

Nope. Got rained out.

Friday night hidden Mickey’s?

Yes (photo above).

Reuniting with people from your past can sometimes warm your soul with a sweet tasting, unexpected solace because all your hard work, determination, organization, hardships, doubts, fears, and hopes have paid off.

How do you come to this realization?

When the people who thought you were a fool, now seek your advice.

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He's Just Lucky

Being organized at home ripples into every corner of life

Windermere Prep High School lockers
Yesterday’s dry run bike ride to school. Included finding and opening locker.


Pretty organized yesterday.

Made hot breakfast for a 15-year old before sunrise.

Biked to school with our son, before sunrise.

The sun arose just as we arrived.

After a seven-mile round trip bike ride, logged a three mile jog that included a client call while jogging.

Finish writing five blogs before leaving the house.

Met with Lee Cockerell at ‘our’ Starbucks.

Gold’s Gym core workout afterwards, just down the street from Starbucks.

Met with a Disney colleague at My French Cafe. Paying it forward the way Lee helps me.

Scheduled first brainstorming session with Orlando client (signed three-day engagement contract two days ago).

Couple hours administrative work.

Asleep for a 30-minute nap at 6:30pm and didn’t awaken until 3:30am this morning.

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Mid Life Celebration

Will we be patient and organized long enough to bear fruit?

Orlando Based Motivational Speakers
using all lower case letters is not common. it’s even frowned upon. perfect, eh?


Being organized as a busy working person means finding ways to be effective, hassle-free, and compelling when interfacing with potential clients.

From Lee Cockerell’s speaking endorsement and referral two days ago, Mid Life Celebration is on the verge of signing the first contract, at full price, $16k.

From nothing to something in three days. The gig is exactly a week from today at Orlando’s Marriott World Center.

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Note: Recently raised keynote speaking fee to $21k. Reasons. Compelling ones.

He's Just Lucky

Do good things come to those who wait?

Public lobby at Buena Vista Palace


(photo: Public space at Buena Vista Palace Convention Center lobby. Yesterday.)

How much are sayings worth?

Do good things come to those who wait?

Only if they bust their butts.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Patience is a virtue.

Nothing replaces hard work.

The long way is the short cut.

Sayings are a dime a dozen. Carry at least a nickel’s worth in your pocket everyday.

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Dear Son

The astonishing paradox of patience

Florida wildflowers in early Spring
There are hints on the ground that the trees are not ready to reveal.


Florida Cypress trees in winter
Nature never rushes Spring. It will arrive in due time, like clockwork.


When it comes to patience we should be very wise and pick our battles carefully.

Rather lose it over small trivial things than the most important moments in a teenager’s life.


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