Disney Photo Pass

Captured today’s photographer in action.

Disney Photo Pass.

At Disney.

Taking photos.

Having a “pass” to access the opportunity.

What’s the pass?

Living less than a mile from Walt Disney World and having a lifetime Cast Member ID card in my pocket.

Live like you mean it.

On it.

•  •  •  •  •

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Invest In An MBA?

We stop learning because, well, we stop trying to learn. Getting an MBA sounds like a good idea – on paper.  But for what? A promise that it will catapult your career? Seriously? Look around at people with MBA’s.

Always the (professional) antagonist, my MBA comes with only one promise. You pass or you fail, and no fancy piece of paper suitable for framing.

You get, or not, a profitable, entrepreneurial business. This is hard.

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