The weather was a perfect metaphor

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(photo: The one on the right inspired the notion of ‘early retirement’)

The weather was a perfect metaphor. It was stormy. Cloudy. Torrential rain. The opposite of the perfect party weather. Unusual for Central Florida.

Such is life.

Make the best of whatever comes our way.

And along the way, be incredibly organized so no matter what happens, you can deal with it in joy and gratitude.

We didn’t get to spend a fraction of the time we could have out on Disney’s Contemporary Resort observation decks, which provide the best views in the entire 40+ square mile complex.

But we were still in the Napa Room. 🙂

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Let it ride or be intentional?

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(photo: Had to invite Claudine personally. She works here (photo). Worked with her since 1985, back in the days at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel)

Let it ride or be intentional? You only retire once, so our experience is zero. Sure, we attend a few retirement parties, but we never paid attention to how they get planned and executed. Who determines the attendees, the menu, the venue, the vibe?

Just leave it all alone, or get involved?

Also personally invited the Cast Member here.

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Note: Richard and Claudine were on the original invite list, but challenging to reach via traditional measures. Face-to-face got it done.

Ready Set Go

Biggest “party day” of the year is when?

New Year’s Eve.

It transcends race, religion, gender, all of it. A world-wide celebration.

It’s also the biggest “drinking day” of the year. People who don’t drink, drink.

And people who do drink, really drink.  Ya with me?

I remember December 31, 2001 like it was yesterday.

Mother Teresa & Jimmy Buffett

Mother Teresa & Jimmy Buffett hold very special places in my heart.  They seem to have nothing in common, right?

And yet I have aspirations to be like both.

Everyday I wake up with the grandiose goal to save the world – you know, to serve the poorest of the poor.

And each day I also want to savior the world – you know, Carpe Diem, seize the day.  Enjoy life for all it’s worth.

This makes it hard to plan the day.