When Your Life Changes

How to tell if you’ll be buried alive?

find systems and processes that work for what you have

Having a full-time career involving travel, being a parent, spouse, running a small startup entrepreneurial business, volunteering, exercising, studying, managing a host of other things….it’s easy to get behind and eventually to get buried.

Truly, developing systems and processes to get and stay decently organized is a matter of survival.

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Uncommon Sense

Where Do You Organize The Paperwork Of Your Life?

Yes, it was scary moving the desk from it's 17-year resting place.

Does our personal life deserve an oak desk and a nice leather chair? Or maybe a private room with a door? And a window view? There are as many variations to organizing our paperwork as there are people. I’ve found the key is to keep experimenting and improving.

Insight: A huge improvement was moving our desk 10 feet across the floor. Now, instead of facing a wall, I look out the second floor window. This only took 17 years to discover.

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