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Let’s review when we can stop worrying about important responsibilities

nice saying and wish for people to get what they want
Just be careful what we wish for, right?


Let’s review when we can stop worrying about important responsibilities.

When we’re dead.

After that, the paperwork of life no longer applies to us.

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I Am is… is about the miscellaneous stuff life throws our way, plus all the day-to-day administrative “paperwork of life”.

Stuff that doesn’t fit into Mind, Body, Spirit or Money. It really comes down to running an organized “office” for your life.

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I Am

Welcome To HQ

This is a daily blog about HQ (Headquarters), the paperwork of life. The summery is here.¬†I’m a simple guy with a simple message, “Live, before you die“. This is one of 5 daily, differently-themed blogs I write to help & encourage people to follow their childhood dreams. Connect on Facebook

Carving Out A Life

Serious Endeavors

"Life's Mountain's To Climb": Alaska 2009
"Life's Mountains To Climb": Alaska 2009

This Blog about HQ (headquarters) – the paperwork of life – focuses on being decently organized, with an underlying theme of motivation, inspiration and excitement to want to be.

Both getting organized and staying organized are serious, lifelong endeavors.

Getting there can feel impossible. Staying there can be a mountain climb…

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