When Your Life Changes

No pain no gain

behaviors trump intentions
Behaviors trump intentions. You can (and should) organize your mantras.

No pain no gain.

My profession has a Hippocratic oath.

  • To offer the very best treatment.
  • Remain confidential.
  • Teach the next generation of teachers.

Medicine and medical treatment scares many.

This is why people fear hospitals.

To regain health, the unhealthy parts must be eradicated.

Unhealthy and unproductive habits and rituals that do not serve a person or an organization are the business equivalents of the medical profession.

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Mid Life Celebration

As the shock wears off and reality sinks in deeper

Family photo at The Mucky Duck Restaurant on Captiva Island


(photo: What are the odds that we would have close Family and friends on this trip?)

As the shock wears off and reality sinks in deeper, the list of blessings becomes incredibly more important to focus on.

From the ashes, beauty will rise.

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Jokers Are Wild

How abundant or rare is this thing we crave?

School play "International Parade" (7th & 8th graders on stage)
School play “International Parade” (7th & 8th graders on stage)


How abundant or rare is this thing we crave?


We cherish it in others and long for it in ourselves.

Busy, busy schedules complicate our lives and challenge us to the point of no return. Tempted and discouraged, we no longer focus on being authentic – it takes too long and the process to reach genuine authenticity often comes under attack.

Our motives will be attacked also. And new people enter our life who have no previous experience with us.

Being authentic can appear to others as weakness, or a lack of ambition.

It’s tough being an adult, especially one organizing their life around becoming authentic or maintaining authenticity.

Authenticity. Rare. Hence valuable.

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It’s almost always embarrassingly slower than our reputation and ego can handle

Constantly learning WordPress, from the ground up
Constantly learning WordPress, from the ground up


The beautiful reward for hard work, and refusing to quit (ever) – and being open to new paths, is this…

Slow and steady progress.

Almost always embarrassingly slower than our reputation and ego can handle.

Yet always stronger and more profoundly beautiful, meaningful, and impactful than we dreamed it could be.

Because it was so much work. So much longer. And defeat looked so much bigger.

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Day To Day

Being Organized In The Digital Age Is Going To Help Us, But Not Without Some Pain

It’s going to get worse before it gets better…

We all agree there is great benefit to digital record keeping and virtual storage. But really, who’s got time for the entire U.S. weekly print edition?

Modern day pain is having to organize stuff and avoid distracting temptations – never before accessible so cheaply, abundantly and readily.

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