Of course it gets old

Of course it gets old.


The recent day in and day out tech challenges that we can’t solve. Rob and i spent four hours focused on what i’ve been talking about the past week or so.

We knew there’d be risk migrating to a better server. We didn’t see the Malware issue coming though. The issue that got injected into WordPress php files.

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All We Can Do Is Try


Yesterday, an unsolicited LinkedIn invitation reached my inbox. Being an open networker on LinkedIn and Twitter, I gladly accepted Matt’s LinkedIn invite.

Social media tools really are like anything else in life – you get out of it what you put into it. Period.

Did you know social media has surpassed pornography as the number one Internet activity?

We often hear of blind spots, mostly with a negative connotation.

But not yesterday:  “Great profile and great blogs. It seems you live your life as you present it.”

When you’re a small business startup, you are everything: Visionary, Marketing, PR, HR, Finance, Spokesperson, Ambassador, Idea Creator, Innovator, Spiritual Director, Artistic Director, Secretary, Networker, Errand Boy, Office Manager, “Gopher”, Rookie, CEO, Janitor, and everything else.

All you can do is try. But until you actually try it on your own, you have no idea.

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Twitter Summary
Twitter Summary

Twitter = jeffnoelmidlife
Twitter = jeffnoelmidlife