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How’s your inbox?

Screen shot from TED Talk.

Clearing out old emails yesterday at the beach. Found one which is copied and pasted here…

_________, can’t recall if you knew i did a TED Talk in April…..Finally live…

Will this provocative message change the world? Probably impossible. Could it change yours? Not a doubt in my mind. 😃

Hope your Summer is blessed beyond measure.

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Make It Simple

How many emails are typically in your in box?

Empty email in box
An empty in-box is glorious.


How many emails are typically in your in box?

Shooting for today to become the third day in a row.

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Are You?

It’s really hard to keep up at a conference

Ellie Caulkins Opera House event
Jack the Teddy Bear has gone everywhere for the past 11 years.


It’s really hard to keep up at a conference.

It makes or breaks a lot of people.

Being organized is an asset.


All the time.

We know this.

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Day To Day

Information overload spares no one

Quote from copyblogger's Sonia Simone
Information overload spares no one.


What is a really optimal range of emails to have sitting in our in-box?

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