Disney Creativity and Innovation can be applied anywhere

  Roughly estimating that 7 out of 10 times there’s a snafu at the ePass parking exit. To me, the frequency demands a creative solution. Why? What is meant to be quick and efficient, isn’t. It hasn’t always been like this, but in the past year or so… Disney Creativity and Innovation can be (and […]

As an Orlando based motivational speaker

  (photo: Orlando is having a downtown renaissance.) As an Orlando based motivational speaker, the goal is greater impact with less travel. So many national and global conventions happen at Walt Disney World and Orlando. The upside to being Orlando focused is the opportunity to create better, more compelling connections. Something that’s challenging to do when racking […]

Downtown Orlando canvs is organized to help start ups succeed

    (photo: This space was once part of Orlando’s biggest night time entertainment district – Church Street Station.) Your dreams. The ones (or maybe only one) you dream about all the time. The one you are currently dusting off. The one you are actively chasing with all your heart and soul. That one. What’s […]