Twitter Mid Life

Social media opens us up to the world at the same time it makes the world a smaller place… Do you guard your Facebook Friend’s List, or open network? I guard the Facebook gate. Everything else, let it ripe! Complete open networker. Twitter – 2k followers (growing fast) LinkedIn – 1k Connections (growing moderately) Blogs […]

Getting Organized

Life is so darn challenging sometimes. Actually, it’s more like a daily conflict. So many things competing for our time and attention. Who’s got time to slow down and think. You? It’s the insidious time-starved epidemic of Western Civilization. And it’s impacted me too. When March arrives tomorrow, I’ll have been planning a bold move […]

And It Never Goes Away

Alaska 2010…I wonder if Bears think Beavers taste like chicken… The pressure to be decently organized….with the paperwork of life. We will never conquer this. It’s just something in life that has to be dealt with, year after year, after year. Busy as a Beaver. The Beaver is constantly repairing the Dam. There’s always a […]

You Know You Know

Anyone looking forward to the iPhone 5 & the iPad 2? There are things in life you know you know, but real life, in real time just makes things complicated. At the Apple Store the other day, fixing a technical issue at the Genius Bar, I spoke with a 40-something Father of two young children. […]

I’m Not Jeff Noll

Got guts? Courage? Purpose?  I’m on a mission, to help find a cure… No rules for success will work if you don’t…. So please pardon the dust during the construction of additional Google Page rank efforts. Quite by accident, I came to realize that with a few targeted blog titles (like this one using Jeff […]