Self-Fulfilling For jeff noll?

What? jeff noll? Just an SEO experiment in progress. Did the same thing with jeffrey noel and rose up to Google search’s front page, without having any jeffreynoel domain names.

Silly? Maybe. Self-absorbed? Not for a second. It’s called Marketing on a bootstrapped budget. Oh, and something about raising money until a cure is found…

Anyway, do any of you have examples of how your hard work, your experimentation has paid off?

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Years Of Preparation

Reading to Chapin & Jack (teddy bear), 2005…

These jeffrey noel, aka The Blog Whisperer, blog posts, are reaching an unprecedented two-year milestone on April 1st.

April Fool’s Day, 2009. A simple “Father-to-Son” promise in the form of a 100-day challenge to write in five themed blogs. Everyday. For 100 days straight.

Five blogs themed around Life’s Big Choices, and a late-blooming Father’s attempt to leave a trail for his young son, in case something bad ever happened unexpectedly.

Are you planning on living forever?

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Unrest Is Your Friend

Patience’s burden can feel unBEARable

Patience is a virtue.

And sometimes, an excuse.

As a Father, I’ve learned you can not teach patience with impatience.

But as the CEO of an entrepreneurial business, patience is simply a tool until you can no longer remain patient.

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