No one gives orders

You know a thing or two because you’ve seen a thing or two. Same here.

No one gives orders.

We lead with the goal of Organizational Vibrancy – an enthusiastic, determined, purposeful and daily existence to make our world a continuously better place.

All day.

Every day.

Day after day.

Year after year.

For your entire career.

The road to excellence has no finish line.

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Dear Son

Please don’t over-think this

Please don’t over-think this.

The 19 organizational blueprints are meant to be the starting point. Simple. Fundamental. Foundational.

Drawings – the ideas, concepts, tenants of your organization – are the easy part.

Constructing a cathedral will require many people and take a long time (years).

But once built, will be beautiful and functional and the benchmark by which others aspire to build.

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The great Summer of 2012

Never get bored with the basics. Ever

organizing stuff
there's no one right way to organize stuff...find your own way through experimentation

What we are good at becomes so second nature to us that we no longer comprehend it as a talent. A friend recently asked me to think about a person who’s lost their glasses – after a week, they forget how clear the world looks.

One of the most basic things we can do is bust our butts to find a system that is decently effective at handling the paperwork of life. Never get bored with this. Ever.

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Completely Different?

The one organizational secret tactic that most people miss

pocket cameras
traded a camera bag, lens & accessories for a simple pocket cyber-shot camera

I’ve discovered – because that’s what I do (think differently) – the one key secret tactic for being decently organized. Ready?


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PS. I can hear the crowds shouting, “Well, please tell us how you simplify”….


I Am

Where do you place organizational skills on your prioroities list?

organizational skills
do your best to be as organized as you can be

I put being organized in my top five life items. I’ll never win any awards for organization, but I’ll never be accused of being sloppy or disorganized. Tomorrow, I’ll share a key, “secret”, tactic on how to think differently about being organized.

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