Dear Son

Dear Son, In Trying To Leave A Trail For You, A Unique Unplanned Opportunity Emerged

The 5th blog is HQ - the paperwork of life.

Dear Son, the hidden insight here is the harder you work, the luckier you get. When I set out to write (critical) work life balance lessons for you in the form of blogging, a unique, unplanned opportunity emerged.

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Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration Was Built To Make A Statement And Stand For The Defining Opportunity in Every Adult’s Midlife

Art at Mid Life Celebration is real life in real time.
October 2011, Waco, Texas, under I-35, 7am

Midlife Celebration’s statement? Baby Boomers, do something great before you die.

What does Mid Life Celebration stand for? The only real, second chance for a do over in life – to rethink, reprioritize and recommit.

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Carving Out A Life

When I Get A Round Tuit

Last Night After A Swim
Last Night After A Swim

Also known as procrastination. Or, indecision.

It’s time, after 18 months of writing five daily blogs seven days a week, to make Sundays a day of rest (when possible).

I’ve been working seven days a week for so many years now, I no longer keep track. It probably started a decade ago, when I began my current career as a professional speaker.

This is not the message I want our son to receive.

Some of you are dreaming of a new beginning too.